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We can provide medical consultants to assist you with preparing and resolving your next case.  Our physicians will produce a comprehensive report that allows you to resolve your case through claims-handling, arbitration, mediation, or, if necessary, trial.

Initial Interview
First we interview you by phone about your case in order to determine which of our physicians is best suited to work with your case. Questions include:

Do you have an upcoming hearing?
What is the probability it will go to trial?
What is the value of your case?
Who is/are the treating physicians?
Describe the incident or accident
Do you have comprehensive medical records available?
What questions are to be asked of the expert (Causal relationship, treatment opinions, medical end result, work capacity, permanency)?

Selecting a Physician
Understanding the issues is crucial. After the initial interview we will email you Curriculum Vitaes of qualified physicians we recommend. Giving your final approval of the physician is vital.

Next Steps
Once you approve a physician, we discuss which service(s) you will need - IME, ROR, or others. The wheels are now set in motion and next steps include:

  • Reviewing the medical records and ensuring they are chronological and pertinent to the questions you desire the physician to answer.
  • Conducting the exam or review and producing a report.
  • Proofing the report for grammar, format and accuracy.
  • Providing a comprehensive report or opinion in the timeframe needed and in an agreed upon price range.
  • Coordinating our expertís schedule for telephone conferencing, depositions and trials will be easily addressed if needed in the future.

Please contact Scope Medical, to schedule your next case at (781) 438-3335 or


4 easy ways to schedule:
Online: Submit Referral Form
Fax: Download our form in Word and fax to (781) 438-2072

Phone: Call (781) 438-3335 with your referral request information

In-House: Email us to schedule file reviews at your location